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responsive optin forms

Grow your email list

Responsive Forms
Convertgrid lets you create responsive forms easily with our form editor tool. So no matter what device your visitor is using, the forms will look absolutely beautiful.

Inbuilt Templates
Create visually stunning forms using our professionally designed templates. All these forms are customizable as well. If you want to make these forms match your website style, you can do it with a few clicks.

Well-timed Popup
Convertgrid will alert itself when the visitors are about to leave your website. A well-timed pop-up will not only make them stay on your site but also get you a new subscriber.

Re-engage with visitors

Drip Mails
Create an email journey for your subscriber with a sequence of emails . Compose your 'day 1', 'day 10' or 'day 20' emails in advance and leave the rest to Convertgrid.

Send an email about your new blog post or a product launch to all the subscribers in one shot. You can also select a sub-list of subscribers to broadcast your message.

Automate all your hard work with a few clicks. Set an automation rule just once and forget your repeated tasks forever.

drip email campaigns

All the features you need in one box.


Customized and responsive opt-in forms with built-in intelligent timing options

Drip Emails

Send unlimited emails and create meaningful e-mail journeys for your subscribers


Create custom automation rules using various actions and triggers.


Group your visitors and customize your messaging to make it relevant for each group.

Lead Scoring

Drill down to individual subscriber level and ascertain how active they are on your website


Measure and track the response of each campaign with ppen-Rate, click-Rate and more