Top 10 proven ways to increase website traffic

Published on 2022-10-23 00:43:51 | 205 views

You have a functional and high quality website with high value content. Your job now is to drive traffic to your website so that many people will enjoy the content you create and that will be reflected in the realization of successful sales. The more website traffic you get, the more chances you have to convert your visitors into customers.

Top 5 Trust Badges You Need To Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

Published on 2022-09-11 23:32:38 | 242 views

We'll start from the basics, what is a trust badge? A trust badge is a badge or seal that you place on your website whose purpose is meant to instill trust in your potential customers. Trust badges are traditionally visible during the checkout process, but there's a new trend of placing them directly on the home page, as this has been shown to gain traction.

How To Optimize Your WordPress Site Using Fewer Plugins

Published on 2022-09-05 23:08:58 | 361 views

WordPress is a great platform and it offers a lot of features. However, one of the downfalls is that it can be slow if you don’t Optimize WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to use fewer plugins and still Optimize Your WordPress Site. When it comes to boosting your WordPress performance, there are a number of ways to do so. For starters, you can disable automatic updates, limit the back-and-forth requests of your site, and use a theme with fewer options. Another way to improve your site performance is to deactivate plugins that you rarely use.

The Different Types of Segmentation To Boost Your Conversions

Published on 2022-08-31 17:32:08 | 316 views

Companies and corporations almost sell the same products but with different brand names to their audience. Often, only one company emerges as the victor of the business competition. Different factors such as credibility or the longevity of the company's name, earning its status among the people, may explain how a company manages to win over others despite offering the same products. But most of the time, a company becomes the winner because they are able to know their customers.

Holiday Marketing Ideas For Web Store Owners

Published on 2022-08-30 21:26:30 | 263 views

Recent customer behaviors displayed that people do not hesitate from buying products online even for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, other Festivities and so on. Governments also promoted self reliance with their borders closed. This led to the dependence of global players on local vendors.

How to optimize your Shopify store using fewer apps

Published on 2022-08-29 03:50:26 | 263 views

As a Shopify store owner, you're always looking for ways to optimize your store and improve conversions. But sometimes, too many apps can be counterproductive. All of those small inefficiencies cost money, customers and time. Being a small business owner is hard enough without your own Shopify shop working against your vision of a profitable future.

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